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Midas TST News

Positive Long-run Bakeable Thermal CtP Plate

Midas TST News plate is a robust Thermal digital plate with an excellent image contrast. It offers high scuff & scratch resistance. It seamlessly integrates with the world's leading thermal computer-to-plate systems. It is and fully compatible with TechNova's processing chemistry and brings the convenience of office light operation. Specially designed for web printing applications, Midas TST News plate is designed to meet the needs of today's printers : performance, ease-of-use, quality and consistency.

    • Thermally exposed positive acting digital plate for web offset printing
    • Excellent Image contrast
    • Consistent & dependable press performance; eliminates downtime due to plate failures on the press
    • Suitable for high-quality applications and stochastic screening
    • Fast clean-up properties on the press; minimises start-up & restart-up paper waste
    • Good dampening latitude; allows high ink density and low damp levels
  • Storage & Handling: 10oC - 25oC; 30% to 70% RH. If the storage temperature differs significantly from plate room temperature, the plates should be acclimatized in their original package for at least 12 hours before opening the package and processing plates. Always open the package under recommended room illumination.

    Recommended plate room conditions:    Operating temperatures 23oC (±2oC); 40% to 70% RH.

    Shelf-life: 12 months (from date of manufacturing) under recommended storage conditions

  • Filter Thermal
    Plate Type Thermally exposed digital plate for web offset printing
    Coating Infrared sensitive, positive acting
    Gauge (mm) 0.28
    Spectral Sensitivity 830 nm
    Exposure Energy 120 - 150 mJ/cm2
    Resolution 1%-99% dot resolution at 200 lpi
    Image Color Blue
    Processing Steps Conventional wet processing using recommended positive plate developer
    Replenishment Rate 100 ml/m2 (depending on usage)
    Run-length 150,000+ impressions without baking, up to 1 million impressions with baking (actual run-length may vary depending on press conditions and ink & paper quality)
    Room Illumination Office light (Avoid daylight & direct sunlight on plate)
    Machine Processing StarPlus Universal Developer
    Processor Replenishment StarPlus Universal Replenisher
    Finishers Unifin
    Deletion Jiffy
    Baking Solution Thermotect / RC 510
    Storage after Processing Unifin (for storage upto 24 hours) NovaKeep Gum (for storage upto 3 months)
    Plate Cleaner InstaKleen UV (for UV inks); InstaKleen CtP (for conventional inks)
    Fountain Solution Compatible with all fountain solutions from TechNova
    Deletion Jiffy
    Press Wash Compatible with all recommended washes from TechNova
    Press Care Compatible with all recommended presscare solutions from TechNova

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