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AlcoZAP is a unique fountain solution additive that eliminates the need to use IPA / Isopropanol in the dampening systems. It is recommended for those committed to alcohol-free pressroom. For optimum performance, TechNova recommends using AlcoZAP with AkronGold fountain solution.

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    • Low hazard additive, with high flash point of 60oC.
    • Eliminates the need of replenishment, which leads to reduced vapours in the pressroom.
    • Works well between 2% to 3% dosage, as against 6% to 12% of IPA, making it more cost effective.
    • AlcoZAP can be used on presses not equipped with chilling units.
    • The low dosage of AlcoZAP helps improve gloss when compared to IPA.
    • AlcoZAP should be added to the ready-to-use of fountain solution mixture. Ideally, the optimum dilution is determined by building up the concentration by starting with a minimum dilution of 1% up to a maximum of 4%.
    • Overdosing of AlcoZAP should be prevented since this may cause image wear and related printing problems.
    • It is compatible with most dampening system designs and water conditions.
    • The product is known to perform well with all fountain solution concentrates recommended for use with alcohol dampening systems, e.g. AkronGold.
    • Wet washing and gumming of the plate is recommended during press stoppages to minimise the possibility of image wear.
    • TechNova provides customised roadmaps for smooth and trouble-free transition from alcohol dampening to AlcoZAP. Please contact our Technical Sales Executive or HelpDesk.
    • Storage & Handling : Store at moderate temperatures in a dry, well-ventilated area. The use of gloves and safety goggles is recommended.
    • Shelf-life : 12 months from the date of manufacture.
    • Packing : 5 & 20 litres
    • Precautions : Avoid contact with skin and eyes. 

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