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AkronGold is a premium, plate safe, ultra-low foaming fountain solution concentrate designed for sheet-fed presses with alcohol and integrated dampening systems.

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    • Equally compatible for use with alcohol and alcohol substitutes; suitable for universal application
    • Strongly buffered to withstand MO alkalinity up to 300 ppm; ensures consistent print quality
    • Ultra-low foaming; for trouble-free press performance
    • Compatible with both, UV and conventional inks
    • Designed to achieve optimum water settings; to ensure sharper, denser prints
    • Effective biocide system; for prolonged bath life & minimal effluent generation
    • Free of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds); for a cleaner, safer pressroom
    • Depending on usage condition, add between 2% ~ 3% concentrate in water (20 ml ~ 30 ml concentrate in one litre of water).
    • Ideal dilution depends on press speed, type of dampening system, ink type and paper quality.
    • Use a freshly calibrated conductivity meter, for accurate dosing control. Ensure that the mixed fount solution is within ± 100 µs of the pre-determined mix.
    • To ensure optimum tray life, thoroughly clean the dosing, circulation and feeding systems with Fount System Cleaner and deglaze ink train and dampening rubber rollers, before charging freshly mixed solution.


    Properties & Positioning

    Product Related

    Chemical Composition
    Contains Drying Additives
    Contains Corrosion Inhibitors
    Contains Defoamers

    Technical Properties
    Typical Dosage(%) 2~3 %
    pH @ 2% in DM water (25oC) 4.50 - 5.20
    Conductivity @ 2% in
    DM water (25oC)
    1400 - 1900ms
    IPA Dosing Range 8~10 %

    Ink Related

    Conventional Inks
    Metallic Inks
    Press Related

    Business Forms Web
    Coldset Web
    Heatset Web

    Dampening Systems
    Coldset Brush
    Coldset Spray
    Coldset Turbo
    Heatset - Non Contact
    Heatset - Contact
    Sheet-fed Alcohol Damp
    Sheet-fed Conventional

    Physical Properties (Concentrated)

    Appearance Clear Colourless Liquid
    Specific Gravity 1.06 - 1.09

    Plate Compatibility

    Thermal Plates Violet Plates Analog Plates
    All Brands All Brands All Brands

    Water Compatibility

    Soft Water
    Alkalinity < 25 ppm
    Medium Water
    Alkalinity < 150 ppm
    Hard Water
    Alkalinity upto
    300 ppm
    Very Hard Water
    Alkalinity > 300
    • Storage & Handling : Protect from direct sunlight. Store at moderate temperature in dry, well-ventilated area. Keep containers tightly closed; when not in use. The use of hand gloves is recommended.
    • Shelf-life : 12 months from the date of manufacture
    • Packing : 5, 10, 20 & 210 litres
    • Caution : Avoid contact with skin and eyes

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