VioStar Plus

VioStar Plus is a second generation Violet Photopolymer digital plate especially designed for higher sensitivity and improved run lengths. It is manufactured by TechNova in technical collaboration with Agfa-Gevaert N.V. VioStar Plus renders print quality equalling that of a thermal plate combined with high speed, long run-length and ease-of-use of violet technology.

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    • Excellent dot reproduction and low dot-gain
    • Wide exposure and development latitude
    • Advanced electro-chemical graining and anodising for consistent press performance
    • Extremely robust plate; ideally suited for long-run newspapers, commercial and packaging printing
    • Compatible with UV inks
    • Storage & Handling : 5°C to 30°C; 40% to 60% RH. If the storage temperature differs significantly from plate room temperature, the plates should be acclimatised in their original packaging for at least 12 hours before unpacking and processing plates. Always open the package under recommended safe light
    • Shelf-life : 18 months (from the date of manufacturing) under recommended storage conditions
  • Run-length Upto 400,000 impressions unbaked; can be baked for increased runlength Upto 150,000 impressions unbaked with UV inks (Under optimum printing conditions)
    Machine Processing VioStar Universal Developer, VioStar UD Developer, VioStar Gold Developer
    Processor Replenishment VioStar Universal Replenisher, VioStar UR Replenisher, VioStar Gold Replenisher
    Finishers Unifin / RC795
    Deletion VioStar Delete
    Baking Solution RC 510 & Thermotect
    Storage after Processing Unifin (for storage up to 24 hours); NovaKeepGum (for storage upto 3 months)
    Plate Cleaner InstaKleen UV (for UV inks); InstaKleen CtP (for conventional inks)
    Fountain Solution Compatible with all Fountain solutions from TechNova
    Press Wash Compatible with all conventional press washes from TechNova
    Press Care DeepKleen Shampoo, CalKleen, LubriKleen, GlazeKleen, GlazeKleen Aqua, Blanket Vitaliser, Blanket Refresh, CylKleen
    Plate Type Negative-working high speed violet laser plate
    Coating Photopolymer
    Substrates Electro-chemically grained and anodised
    Gauge (mm) 0.15, 0.20 & 0.28. Other thicknesses available on request
    Spectral Sensitivity 405 nm violet diode
    Safe light Yellow
    Exposure On Stouffer 21 step wedge, 3 solid and 6 clear, On UGRA wedge, 2 solid and 5 clear
    Resolution 1% to 99%, 200 lpi AM, 240 lpi Hybrid
    Image Color Blue
    Processing Steps Pre-heat, pre-wash & wet processing with recommended developer

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