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AquaShield 3012

Primer Sealer

AquaShield 3012 is a fast drying water-based sealer with good water-resistance properties. It is designed to give good adhesion for later refinishing like UV offline coating, hot foil stamping or lamination. It is suitable for metallic inks and met pet substrate. Due to excellent gloss and rub resistance it can also be used as a top coat.

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  • Performance

    Gloss +++
    Matte -
    Block Resistance +++
    Drying Speed +++
    Double-sided applications
    Rub Resistance +++

    + = low/slow ++++ = very high/very fast o = limited, test required ● = suitable - = not suitable

    • Recommended application weight 4-6 g/m² (wet-on-wet)
    • Ideally suited for :
      - Board, paper & Met Pet
      - Single & double-sided applications
      - Conventional coating units (Anilox/2 Roller systems)
  • Physical Properties
    ● Appearance : Opaque liquid
    ● Solids : 36% ± 4%
    ● Viscosity : 60 Sec. ± 4 Sec DIN 4 @ 20oC
    ● Specific gravity : 1.04 g/cm³ ± 0.04

    • Storage & Handling: Protect from direct sunlight. Maintain storage temperature from 5C to 30C. Keep containers tightly closed, when not in use
    • Shelf-life: 12 months from the month of manufacture if stored in unopenedoriginal packing, between 5C to 30C and not exposed to direct sunlight
    • Packing: 20 kg containers; 210 kg drums and bulk options
    • Caution: Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use of hand gloves and safety glasses are recommended
  • Recommendation
    ● Use alkali and solvent resistant inks
    ● Circulate or stir well prior to use

    ● Reduce viscosity with water, if required

    ● Use AniKleen Sol diluted with plain water for initial wash-up of blanket, roller & other parts of the machine
    ● Use AniKleen Sol to remove dried coating from the blanket, roller & other parts of the machine
    ● Use AniKleen Paste for thorough cleaning of Anilox Roller