NovaJet Artistic Matte Canvas 410-AMC 410

NovaJet™ Artistic Matte Canvas 410 - AMC 410

is a Matte Finish Canvas, top-coated with a micro porous ink-receptive layer. It is ideally suited for true-to-life photographic prints.

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    • Water resistant media
    • High physical strength to withstand stretching and stapling during framing
    • Canvas texture for near real artreproduction
    • Instant dry properties for ease ofhandling
    • Compatible with water-based inkjet printers
  • Hold media by the edges. Fingerprints will affect the quality of the image. A fresh pair of cotton gloves should be used while handling bare media to avoid sweat, grease and oil transfer on to the media that could interfere with the print quality. When not in use, store the media in cool, dry place [20-25°C, 55% +10% RH] away from direct sunlight in its original packing. Keep media in flat position to avoid curling. If the printed graphics are likely to be exposed to corrosive liquids, smoke, fumes or a highly polluted atmosphere or if there is any likelihood of scratching or friction, it is strictly recommended that a UV stabilised overprint is used to lacquer the prints.

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