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The AFP-SE/DSE Flexo plate satisfies the severest criteria of quality in printing corrugated board, solid board and heavy-duty bags.

The surface unevenness of the printing material is compensated by the ideal shore hardness and the resilience characteristics of the AFP-SE/DSE plate. The plate‘s dimensionally stable polyester base sheet compliments the printing quality achiev-able with the AFP-SE/DSE. The wide exposure latitude of the AFP-SE/DSE plate ensures that image elements like tones and isolated lines are optimally anchored even with a relief depth of 3 mm. At the same time, intermediate depths form evenly and the relief is produced with steep shoulders. 

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  • In platemaking and printing, the AFP-SE/DSE plate can be relied on for:

    • Low dot gain printing
    • Excellent ink transfer
    • Optimized plate resilience to minimize the washboard effect
    • Wide exposure latitude
    • Optimized durability for high aggressive papers
    • Large cleaning intervals
    • Optimum intermediate depths
    • Steep relief shoulders
    • High flexibility
    • High mechanical resistancepths allow printing reverse elements

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